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Colorado Petroleum Products is proud to announce Rugged DEF. We are currently blending and packaging 2 x 2 1/2 gallons of DEF with our private label. Bulk packaging is also available through totes and our designated DEF tanker.

Description: Urea Solution, AUS 32, is a manufactured product of technically pure urea mixed with demineralized quality water designed to meet the specifications of DIN 70070:2005 and ISO 22241-1:2006 for NOx abatement technologies. Rugged is certified as a Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

“..although marketing green products, like Rugged DEF, are neither suggested, recommended or mandated via OEM’s or the EPA, it is nothing new to us. We’ve been watching the heavy duty industry closely and developed our own private label DEF product. There is an inevitable trend,  and  we’re witnessing the need, and will, to reduce emissions. Colorado and Arizona Petroleum have the experience and are ready for the future ” ~ Clark Thompson, President of CPPC

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Colorado Petroleum also provides a number of top quality DEF equipment products. Speak to your local sales representative for more details.