Rugged Multi Vis Hydraulic Fluid

TOTE 4 (Small)RUGGED MV HYDRAULIC OILS are extremely high Viscosity Index premium anti-wear hydraulic oil with excellent stability. In addition to the effective anti-wear additives, they inhibit rust and oxidation while containing a select anti-foamant. These products meet Denison HF-2 specification

Rugged MV Hydraulic Oils unique chemistry contains “ploymethacrylate” a special V.I. improver to prevent shearing. Rugged MV was developed for the extreme temperature applications and climates. It offers that extra level of protection hydraulic oils must provide for rapid water separation, extreme pressures and consistent viscosity control. They are also outstanding general purpose oils for machine tools, electric motors and other general lubrication points where oil is required.


 55 Gallon Drum 275 Gallon Tote Bulk
 5 Gallon Pail