Rugged Synthetic Compressor Oil

RUGGED DRUMRUGGED SYNTHETIC COMPRESSOR OIL is formulated with Group III type synthetic base fluid. The superior reliability of this product will provide for reduced maintenance and downtime. The high viscosity index and low pour point allows consolidation of products because of its wide range of operational temperatures. Rugged Synthetic Compressor Oil protects against foaming, rust, oxidation carbon and wear. Its unique ash less and anti-wear properties make it an excellent choice for a wide range of compressors. Exceptional cold weather performance by this product is demonstrated by the Cold Crank Simulator (CCS) test ASTM D-5293 in which Rugged scored 1600cP vs. a typical Gulf Coast base oil which scored a 6500 cP.


 55 Gallon Drum 275 Gallon Tote Bulk
 5 Gallon Pail